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We all need the opportunity to experience a space for recreation, art and learning, a space where we feel free to express our frustrations, fears and emotions. We created the Meetings to offer a place where anyone can feel listened to and accompanied, while processing the situations they are experiencing. 

Resilient. The power of self-care

Those who work in the humanitarian field frequently assist victims of traumatic situations. Over time, it is easy to, without realizing it, reach a state of fatigue or exhaustion, to the point of experiencing lasting psychological and spiritual changes in the way they perceive themselves and the world. 

This workshop gives us the opportunity to learn about the cycle of exposure to trauma, the fatigue curve, and experience activities to promote balance and emotional regulation, as well as increasing hope in the midst of suffering.    Please contact us if you would like to schedule a workshop with your group or community.


In January 2020, Umbral began working in partnership with Borderland Fund and other organizations to design a mobile arts-based psychosocial care program with shelters and other groups working on the Tijuana/US border. USA To promote recovery and resilience. The Crossroads initiative trains shelter directors, staff and volunteers on how to provide a safe space

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